Quest to Nest is an educational platformer game for Android and iOS mobile devices. It was created by Janis Abele, a father of twins who developed the to help his kids learn to read. It is not a secret that kids do not always enjoy learning and doing various types of exercises. Kids at young age enjoy playing games and therefore Janis Abele decided to create a game that was not just a simple game but also had a purpose and would help kids learn to read. Most of parents know that teaching kids to read could be a challenge and a hard and time consuming task. A game that could help that could be very useful. Mr.Abele started to develop the game and let his kids to test it. He was surprised with the results they achieved as his 5 year old twin girls learn to read within the first week of playing the game. Although the initial result was achieved, Mr.Abele decided to finish the game as he knew it would probably be very useful to other parents and their kids as well.

The game itself is a platformer type of game. You need to help the little owl return to its nest by overcoming different obstacles on the way. At the end of every level there is a task that every player has to complete. Usually it means to combine syllables into a word. There is also a hint in a picture. As the levels of the game progress, so does the difficulty of the tasks between the levels.

Please go and try Quest to Nest. The game is available both on Android and iOS devices.

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